State of the Call 2024

Hiya’s State of the Call report showcases the top trends and insights about the voice call, providing key learnings to businesses, carriers, device manufacturers, and consumers.

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Voice remains the preferred channel for the most personal and most important communication

Consumers consistently prefer voice calls over other communication methods, like email, when sensitive data is at stake. For businesses, the voice channel is increasingly crucial. 


Consumer anxieties about unwanted calls are growing - eroding trust in the voice channel

28% of all 46.75 billion unknown calls processed by Hiya in 2023 were flagged as suspected spam and fraud. And consumers believe the problem is getting worse, with nearly 60% reporting that phone spam has increased in the last 12 months, and some even report there is no communication channel they trust.

The cost of fraud to consumers who are scammed has grown exponentially

Although the percentage of consumers who lost money to phone fraud decreased in 2023 from 2022, the cost to those who were defrauded has grown by 527%. Despite fewer consumers falling victim to phone fraud, scammers are becoming more successful in targeting their victims for more money.

Fraud poses a significant threat to businesses

Beyond struggling to reach consumers using voice, businesses also suffer reputational harm caused by scammers who impersonate their companies when trying to defraud consumers. Additionally, enterprises are also the target of fraud calls – with 70% reporting that their business experiences one or more inbound call attacks each year.

    Identity can help reestablish trust

    Businesses and consumers agree, identity is the best way to break through the noise of spam and fraud. 77% of consumers report they’re more likely to pick up if they know who is calling - and businesses believe identity is the most effective way to increase answer rates.

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