Optimizes Right Party Contact Rate with Hiya’s Branded Call to Turn Accounts Receivable to Accounts Paid

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“Before Hiya, our agents weren’t able to work with consumers on solutions because they couldn’t reach the consumer. With Hiya’s Branded Call, agents are now able to do what they do best: connect "
Brian Summerfelt, President and C.E.O, MetCredit Canada


Companies worldwide lose billions of dollars each year from unpaid invoices.

This puts severe pressure on businesses to have processes and solutions in place to ensure they are getting paid what they are owed. With debt collection requiring a specific skill set in conjunction with being well-versed in the rules and regulations to be able to collect these debts faster than a business could do it themselves, many companies turn to collections agencies to turn their accounts receivable into accounts received. MetCredit is Canada’s top performing collection agency and has built a reputation that companies can trust them to recover their debts quickly while giving their customers a best-in-class experience when working towards a solution.



With spam, fraud, and robocalls on the rise, consumers are screening more calls than ever before.

While MetCredit Canada’s calls were legitimate, the consumers they were trying to reach were seeing an unknown number and either ignored it, or reported it as spam. Without being able to connect to the consumer, MetCredit couldn’t collect for their clients. MetCredit Canada’s “No Collection, No Fee,” promise meant that their bottom line was impacted and their agent productivity was decreasing as they spent more time trying to reach the same person; they started to look for a solution.



MetCredit started to look for a solution that they could use to control the display on their outbound calls.

Now consumers knew they were calling on behalf of their commercial clients a reason to answer the phone. By adding Hiya’s Branded Call to their outbound calls, MetCredit Canada saw a 37% increase in answer rate and 55% increase in right-party contact rate (RPC).


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