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Hiya Protect stops spam and fraud

Satisfy regulatory needs, unlock new revenue, and improve the subscriber experience on your network.

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Deliver security and voice integrity

Subscribers want you to fix the spam and fraud call problem

But most solutions on the market today lack the accuracy and global scale that's needed to protect your subscribers from unwanted calls.

Adaptive AI spam protection

Catch the most spam with the industry's only self-learning protection system

Automatically protect subscribers from changing spammer tactics with Spam Threat Scanning
Stop spam without blocking wanted calls with Personal Call Filtering
Detect evasive spammers no matter what phone number they use with Enterprise Caller Scoring

Easy to integrate. Instant protection.

Easy integration and flexible solutions mean faster speed to market and no hassle

Automatically enable spam protection for all your subscribers with a direct network integration. Hiya has pre-built integration options for any network configuration.
Extend subscriber value and protection by integrating Hiya into a mobile phone app or directly into the dialer
Open a new revenue stream with proven demand. The same integrations that unlock Hiya Protect also enable you to distribute branded calling on your network.

Call analytics & insights

Get complete transparency on your service and the latest call threats in a dedicated console

Understand illegal caller activity with exclusive insights from the Hiya Voice Security Network
Report on the performance of Hiya Protect to internal stakeholders and communicate the direct benefit to your customers
Serve your enterprise customers efficiently with tools to self-serve in common scenarios
Hiya exclusive

Powered by the industry's largest Voice Security Network

The voice network is global. So is our data.

Get service from day one. Hiya's real-time data from across the globe powers immediate call protection.
Detect emerging threats in real time anywhere in the world, with the power of continuously streaming insights from more than 450 million users in over 40 countries
Benefit from a proven solution that's trusted by leading operators and deployed on modern infrastructure designed to protect privacy
450 Million
Hiya exclusive

Every call analyzed in real-time

Stay a step ahead of emerging scams and outsmart sophisticated tactics.

Benefit from Adaptive AI spam protection that adapts to the latest threats based on continuously streaming call data and user feedback
Protect your subscribers with the industry's most accurate spam protection solution — so you stop spam and fraud without blocking wanted calls
Hiya exclusive

Configurable call blocking and alerting

Go beyond the basics with configurable spam labeling, fraud autoblocking, and advanced user controls

Warn subscribers against spam and fraud calls in real-time on their phones
Configure protection across 15 different categories of spam calls, determining whether to flag, block, or even label the specific type of spam
Put the power in the hands of your subscribers by enabling them to allow or autoblock calls by category


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