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Amid the rising noise
of spam
and fraud
calls, carriers struggle to protect their networks and subscribers.
The HIya promise

Secure your network. Build trust. Grow your business.


Results for all areas of the business

Product management and marketing create a world-class customer experience

Differentiate your voice offering from the competition
Improve NPS and reduce churn
Man in suit presenting corporate strategy

Corporate strategists achieve and exceed revenue growth targets

Offer premium voice security services to subscribers
Unlock a new revenue stream with branded calling

Network technology professionals maximize the value of network investments

Increase security and trust by stopping spam and fraud calls
Stay ahead of the latest regulations to protect consumers
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Global telecom organizations protect customers with Hiya

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Easy integration and flexible solutions mean faster speed to market and no hassle

Get the latest insights on call threats across the globe.

In 2023, nearly 15% of the 200 billion calls that crossed the Hiya network were flagged by Hiya as suspected spam. Subscribe to our Global Call Threat Newsletter for exclusive access to data and insights on voice trends that you won’t find anywhere else,

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