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Registration is your right — so get it for free

As more and more carriers label spam calls, you need a way to identify yourself as a legitimate caller across their networks. Others try to charge you for this. Hiya Registration enables you to do this for free, across global networks, so your customer-friendly calls aren’t flagged.

At Hiya, we value honesty and trust.

Read our stance on why you should never have to pay for registration.

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Global number registration

Registered numbers undergo vetting so they’re recognized as legitimate on the mobile networks where spam calls are labeled — all across the globe.

Self-service management 

Easily register numbers and retire those you no longer use, all in a self-service console.

Registration status 

Clearly see the registration status of all your numbers, anytime. No more guessing if your registration was successful.

Did you know

What is a customer-friendly call?

Calls are considered customer-friendly when they respect consumer preferences and laws. Registering your numbers ensures that your customer-friendly calls are delivered without spam labeling.

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Hiya Network

Register on the industry’s largest network of mobile providers

With Hiya Registration, businesses are validated and registered on the Hiya Network, protecting 450M users and utilized by carriers around the globe, including Rogers, EE, Virgin Media O2, Telenor, and Samsung.

Only from Hiya

The industry’s only global SaaS-based registration product


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