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Amid the rising noise
of spam
and fraud
calls, technology providers struggle to secure their service.
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The Hiya Promise

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Business Development partner with the leading call protection solution

Demonstrate you take trust and security seriously
Make your offering even more compelling to new customers
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Product Management & Marketing improve customer experience and stand out from the competition

Protect customers from spam and fraud calls
Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Technology Management easily integrate with Hiya and count on reliable service

Tried and tested service delivery
Easy & fast integration via API, SDK, or APK
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Technology partners are protecting customers and adding more value with Hiya

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2020 CCW Market Study
Customer Experience Trends, Challenges, and Innovations

As the world changed, so too did every facet of the customer experience. Consumers began to set different expectations and behave in new ways. Companies began heavily leveraging at-home agents to engage with customers across new environments. What exactly did these changes entail? Citing research from a comprehensive survey of actual consumers, this Market Study has the answers.

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