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Don’t risk missing valuable connections with your patients. Deliver critical information on time. Brand your calls with your trusted name. And watch answer rates soar.

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SOC 2 compliance ensures our customers and partners can trust Hiya
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Use cases

Are you reaching customers at the most critical moments?

Obtain More Subscriber Sign Ups 

Keep your subscribers out of the hands of your competition. Get more enrollment calls answered and surpass your annual subscriber goals with ease.

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Ensure More Patients Show Up

Don't let an unanswered call lead to a missed appointment or a decline in patient care. Engage with more patients on the first ring, making sure their health and your business are taken care of.

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Get Prescriptions Picked Up

Increase prescription pick-up by reaching your customers quickly. Keep your customers healthy and your costs down.

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Industry data

The proof is in the data

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How do your customers want to be contacted? What's the role of voice in the financial services contact center? Get the top trends and insights on the voice call from our global data set of billions of calls combined with third party market research of businesses and consumers.

Product Overview

Gain Trust. Get More Calls Answered. See Results.

About Hiya Connect

Branded Call

Show your identity

Be instantly recognized with your company name and location displayed on your calls
Elevate your brand by featuring your company logo
Get personal and include an informative reason for your call

Reputation Monitoring & Management

Stop inaccurate spam labeling

Monitor how often numbers have been blocked or reported
Track reputation health over time
Directly dispute nuisance reputation and spam labels

Call Analytics & Insights

See the impact of Hiya Connect

Access the Saas-based Hiya Connect Console to directly update telephone numbers and review self-serve dashboards full of industry-standard KPIs
Understand which calls are being influenced by a consistent Branded Call and how identity is improving key metrics
Monitor call reputation health over time

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Frequently asked questions

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