State of the Call 2023

Hiya’s State of the Call report showcases the top trends and insights about the voice call, providing key learnings to businesses, carriers, device manufacturers, and consumers. 

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Voice is the preferred channel of communication for businesses and consumers – and it's growing

People have more ways to communicate than ever. Yet no matter how diverse our communications options become, the phone call remains the undisputed leader. The phone call is becoming more entrenched for consumers, businesses, and carriers alike. 


Spam and fraud frequency is growing – and threatening trust in voice calls.

10% of all 243.5 billion call processed by Hiya in 2022 were flagged as spam and fraud. It's a growing problem impacting businesses and consumers alike. When people don’t know or trust who is calling, they are less likely to pick up the phone altogether.

Trust and security are a major opportunity for carriers and businesses alike to improve customer experience

1 in 3 businesses have had their name used by an impersonator making scam calls. 63% of consumers reporting that they’ve received an impersonation call – and only 27% of consumers say it didn’t negatively impact their opinion of the legitimate business or organization.

Identity can help reestablish trust

Business and consumers agree, identity is the best break through the noise of spam and fraud. 72% of consumers report they’re more likely to pick up if they know who is calling - and 50% of businesses believe identity is the most effective way to increase answer rates. 

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