Personal Call Filtering

The Industry's First-Ever Personalized Call Protection

Stop mobile spoofing.
Flag more nuisance calls.
Restore trust in the voice call.

How it Works

Personal Call Filtering uses past interaction history to understand which calls are important to your subscribers and protect them from targeted attacks.
With Personal Call Filtering, formerly called Personal AI, you can be dramatically more aggressive against spam and fraud without stopping wanted calls—so your subscribers can reliably identify and connect with the calls they want.
Personal AI blocks more spam
A call from the same number may be a wanted call for one person and spam for another. Personal Call Filtering enables carriers to deliver a personalized call protection experience.

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It is time to take action to stop scammers' attacks on your subscribers. If you’re not already using Hiya Protect, please contact us to learn how Personal Call Filtering can work on your network.

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