Ambassadors are the heart of Hiya’s global community

Whether you are leading the Hiya charge on your team, deeply passionate about better voice performance, or want to connect with other like-minded professionals, the Hiya Ambassador Community is the place for you - and you choose the activities that are right for you!
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Exclusive Ambassador Benefits

Community: Be part of a growing global community that support and cheer each other on through online communities and forums
Product Feedback: Have the chance to impact new product developments through beta testing and sharing your feedback with us
Build Your Profile: Share your Ambassador position on LinkedIn and online profiles and have the opportunity to share your story through marketing and speaking opportunities

Ambassador Activities

Marketing Communications:

Use of your logo
Provide a testimonial or quote
Participate in a written case study
Participate in a video testimonial

Media, PR, and Analyst Activities:

Provide a quote for a Hiya press release
Participate in a confidential industry analyst interview
Participate in a journalist interview with leading publications
Contribute a guest blog for our blog

Networking, Speaking, and Event Opportunities:

Participate in a reference call
Speak on a live or pre-recorded webinar
Speak at an industry tradeshow or conferenc

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