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"The ROI is so good that it pays for itself. The end-user experience is very slick. our logo is instantly recognizable and instills a high level of trust in the call recipient."
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Connecting with customers promptly is a major priority for one of the UK's largest motoring organization's main call centers.

With service and integrity as their primary focus, connecting with customers promptly is a major priority for one of the UK’s largest motoring organization’s main call centers. Dating back over 100 years, this institution has been providing a variety of automotive services to millions of members for years, including vehicle insurance, loans, driving lessons, roadside assistance, and motoring advice, restaurant and accommodation ratings and roadmaps. With 70 agents placing 20,000 calls a day, optimizing their time is critical as the organization tries to achieve a variety of revenue-tied objectives: attempting to reach customers up for renewal, connecting with customers who have failed to make payments, reaching out to inbound leads from the website, and reengaging with churned customers.



The company began seeing an increasing number of calls marked as suspected spam or fraud, and a corresponding erosion of their trusted brand.

“Our image is the best in the country when it comes to trust and honesty,” reported their dialler manager, “but our number was increasingly being reported as spam.” Potential respondents unable to understand the purpose or nature of the call were overwhelmingly making the choice not to pick up. Low answer rates were hampering the organization’s effectiveness in connecting with prospective as well as existing clients.



The company looked to Hiya to increase contact rates to impact revenue, operational efficiency, and brand trust.

After engaging Hiya, the main call center experienced a drop off in the number of calls indicated as spam to nearly zero. They see a significant increase in the quality and timeliness of their customer service and prospecting connections, with an overall lift of 55.6% on call pick-up rates and an uplift of 33% in return calls. With Hiya Connect, this organization reaches more of their inbound leads, renewal customers, and those recently churned to positively impact their bottom line.


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