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"We've built a strong recognizable brand and we knew Hiya would be able to help us carry our strong brand awareness through the phone."
Lead Data Scientist


This global leader in market research needed to adapt its data collection process to include mobile phone users.

The organization shifted from a 100% cold-call landline surveying strategy to a recruitment-by-mail model, where phone numbers are now gathered from respondents via a mailed paper questionnaire. Because of this change in methodology, they conduct upwards of 70% of their calls as “warm follow-ups” to a predominantly mobile phone population.



With the global volume of calls numbering over 1 million a month, their phone numbers were often flagged incorrectly as “spam likely," or "scam risk."

With mobile calls marked as spam and lacking brand identification, potential respondents were unable to understand the purpose or nature of the call and oftentimes made the choice not to pick up. Unidentified calls were especially impacting their ability to collect data from younger populations who were even less likely to answer a call from someone they didn’t know. Contact rates started to decline, which reduced the firm’s ability to achieve the desired speed, size and diversity of survey samples collected. In turn, this began driving an increase in the cost of telephone data collection and overall survey costs.



The organization looked to Hiya Connect to increase their contact rates with consenting cell phone respondents.

Within weeks of implementing Hiya, the market research organization saw an overall lift of 81% in call answer rates, a 33% increase in calls over 60 seconds, and a 48% decrease in calls lasting under 15 seconds. Hiya's robust analytics and insights prove invaluable to their lead data analyst. “Hiya provides us data in so many forms that it really helps us understand the impact to our contact rates.”


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