February 26 - 29

Join us in reimagining the future of voice.

Meet with Hiya at MWC Barcelona this February.

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The Future of Voice

Tuesday, February 27
at 1:35pm Central Europe Time

It’s time to rethink the future of voice as a product and experience and assert control through focused innovation while re-establishing trust in the voice network.

Don’t miss Hiya’s broadcast session at MWC. Join in-person or virtually to hear from telecom experts on how the industry can align to bring innovation back to the voice call.

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Secure your network against spam and fraud

Voice spam and fraud is a global epidemic. Subscribers are bombarded with unwanted calls everyday - eroding trust in the voice call and damaging the customer experience. With Hiya, carriers retain customers, improve customer satisfaction to reduce churn, add new revenue, and meet regulatory requirements.

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    Global industry research

    Hiya’s global data and research provides the most complete insights into the state of global voice spam and fraud - and its impact to subscribers and business alike. Explore our research:

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    It’s time to take action to restore trust in voice call. Meet with Hiya at MWC Barcelona to learn how we can work together to protect your network and improve your customer experience with trust, identity, and intelligence.

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