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increase in answer rates


increase in calls lasting over 60 seconds


increase in calls answered on first attempt

"We thought we would see a rise in answer rates by a percentage or two. We weren't expecting such a significant increase."
Emerson Jacobelli, Director of Consumer Contact Center


Penske is one of the most recognizable and trusted transportation businesses on the road today. With Hiya, that brand trust extends to their calls.

Penske is a global transportation company, offering full-service commercial truck leasing, truck fleet maintenance, consumer truck rentals, and used truck sales to customers in North America for over 50 years. With more than 327,000 vehicles for commercial and consumer rental and over 2,500 rental locations, Penske is one of the most recognizable and trusted transportation businesses on the road today. Penske’s bright yellow consumer moving truck rentals are a significant portion of its business and an important element of its brand. With approximately 200 associates, the central reservations contact center for Penske consumer rentals takes both inbound phone calls and follows up with outbound calls on inquiries that come in via the company website.



Previous improvements in Penske's consumer contact center were not having the desired impact on answer rates.

To further optimize operations and increase their answer rates, Emerson Jacobelli, Director of the Consumer Contact Center at Penske, experimented with various recordings as part of Penske’s outreach, changing the automated voice, tailoring messaging, and doing A/B testing between live and recorded calls. The contact center associates were also reorganized into regional teams to be more targeted in different areas. Despite various tactics, none were having the desired impact on customer answer rates.



Penske then turned to Hiya to bring identity to the voice call so potential customers know and trust who is calling.

After implementing Hiya and bringing trust and identity back to the voice call, the results are astounding. At the end of 2019, Penske’s contact center was experiencing answer rates ranging from 14-17%. With Hiya, answer rates jumped to 26-33%, amounting to more than a 100% increase! With this doubling in answer rate along with 46.7% more calls answered on the first attempt, Penske reaches more prospects faster and sees a considerable decrease in the time to convert these leads. The likelihood that the contact center would receive a call back after leaving a message had also been a major challenge according to Jacobelli. “In 2019, we struggled to see these numbers. With the addition of Hiya, we’re now seeing a strong return in our call back percentages.” Even with 2020 call volumes challenged by the coronavirus, “Hiya is doing wonders for our call center. Despite COVID, it is setting us above last year’s level. We’re tracking to hit our business plan, which not many can say this year.” The power Hiya has provided in enhancing Penske’s ability to connect with prospects is propelling conversions in a timely manner despite such an unprecedented period.


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