Hiya expands coverage in Germany with Vodafone partnership

Hiya is excited to announce a new partnership with Vodafone Germany. Through a new partnership with Vodafone, companies in Germany can now work directly with Hiya to expand their branded calling onto the Vodafone network. 

Research has shown that people are more likely to answer the phone when they know and trust the caller. Companies have been experimenting with branded calling solutions for years but justifying the investment in these services has been tricky due to inconsistent or incomplete performance metrics. 

Hiya’s collaboration with Vodafone allows German companies to quickly and easily brand calls and measure the performance of branded calling campaigns.

OneCareer GmbH recently became the first company to implement Vodafone’s Caller ID solution via Hiya, allowing the German digital health company to better understand the effectiveness of its branded calling campaigns.

Expanding Hiya’s market share in Germany

The partnership with Vodafone significantly expands Hiya’s market share in Germany with an additional 20 million eligible users – in addition to current Hiya users via Samsung Smart Call and the Hiya app. By aligning with Vodafone, Hiya now has access to a third of German mobile customers. Worldwide, over 450 million consumers are now using or have access to Hiya solutions.

“Partnering with a great brand like Vodafone means more German companies will have access to the tools they need to implement successful branded calling campaigns. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to working with Vodafone to expand our presence across Germany.”

Kush Parikh, Hiya President
“Vodafone has been using branded calling for our own customer care since July 2021 to ensure that our customers know who is calling them. We are very excited to offer this network-based service to other companies through our new partnership with Hiya’s world class branded calling team.”

Wolfgang Fettes, Director of Products & Services at Vodafone Germany
Michael Berger
Director of Business Development, Europe