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Learn the most prevalent scams in various countries worldwide

  • Percentage of spam and fraud call volume worldwide
  • Scam call trends in North America and Europe
  • Spam and fraud rates across the globe
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We’re putting an end to spam evasion

Announcing Enterprise Caller Scoring, a new feature of Hiya Protect which stops the tactic of switching phone numbers from being an effective practice to avoid spam labeling. Enterprise Caller Scoring is the first-of-its kind spam protection that accurately assesses the reputation of a caller - not just the number they’re using.

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    Preview Hiya’s 2023 State of the Call

    Spam and fraud calls are on the rise across the globe - presenting carriers with the opportunity to reestablish trust in the voice call. 

    The upcoming 2023 State of the Call report combines our global data from more than 243 billion calls over the Hiya Voice Security Network in 2022 with third-party market research from network carriers, consumers, and businesses in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Spain. Sign up here to be the first to know when the full 2023 State of the Call is available.
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    2023 State of the Call Preview

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