State of the Call

Hiya’s State of the Call report showcases the top trends and insights about the voice call, providing key learnings to businesses, carriers, device manufacturers, and consumers.

State of the Call in 2022

We analyzed more than 150 billion calls and surveyed 12,000 consumers and 1,800 businesses worldwide to better understand how people use the voice call to communicate and do business.

Check out some of the top insights from this year’s report below, then download the full Hiya State of the Call 2022 Report to see the complete list of trends and insights.

Reports are also available specific to Europe and Canada.

1. Voice is the preferred channel of communication for businesses and consumers.

In a remote-first world, both businesses and consumers prefer the voice call for nearly all interactions.

2. The voice channel continues to grow.

Because businesses and consumers prefer to communicate via voice call, usage continues to grow, and most survey respondents predicted this trend will continue over the next year.

3. If your call isn’t identified, don’t expect an answer.

4. Spam and fraud calls continue to be a growing problem globally.

Consumers have good reason to be suspicious of unidentified callers: Spam and fraud calls have continued to rise, resulting in serious financial losses.

5. Businesses believe branded caller ID is the solution.

To break through the noise and reach more customers, businesses believe that identity is the most effective way to increase answer rates.

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