Samsung Smart Call

Powered by Hiya, Samsung Smart Call protects you from phone spam and identifies unknown callers.

Caller ID
Caller ID with Call Reason
Suspected to be spam
A potential fraud
Caller ID
Caller ID with Call Reason
Suspected to be spam
A potential fraud
Caller ID
Caller ID with Call Reason
Suspected to be spam
A potential fraud

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A better Voice Experience

Caller ID and Spam Protection

Samsung Smart Call stops spam and fraud calls, and helps businesses connect with their customers. Learn more below.

Stop Spam and Fraud Calls

The Smart Call function flags calls that are suspected spam or fraud, and lets you easily block or report the number. Most Samsung customers also have the auto-block capability that stops known fraud calls before reaching your phone.

Identify Unknown Businesses

You no longer have to wonder if you should pick up an unknown call. Smart Call lets you know which businesses are calling even when the number isn’t in your contact list.

Connect With Your Customers

With Hiya enabled on hundreds of millions of Samsung devices worldwide, businesses can reach more customers with features like Branded Call, Secure Call, and reputation management and monitoring. Visit Hiya Connect to learn more. 

Ready to activate Samsung Smart Call? 

Three ways to activate

Activate directly in the call log by selecting ‘Start’ on the ‘Caller ID and spam protection’ notification
Find and click 'Caller ID and spam protection' in Call settings
Swipe down from the home screen and tap ‘Caller ID and spam protection’ in notifications
Activate via Call Setting
Activate via Call Log
Activate via Notifications
About Us

About Hiya

Hiya is trusted by global businesses, carriers and consumers to provide secure, engaging connections and stop unwanted calls. Built on the world’s leading Voice Performance Platform, Hiya connects businesses with their customers, helps carriers secure their networks, and protects people from spam and fraud calls. Hiya’s SaaS applications, Hiya Connect and Hiya Protect, serve more than 150 million users, power services like AT&T Call Protect and Samsung Smart Call, and deliver voice performance insights to businesses across the globe.

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How do I change or remove the Caller ID information or spam rating of a number?
Where can I report inaccurate comments tied to my phone number?
How can I manage my data?
Does Hiya sell my data?
Is Hiya available on other mobile devices besides Samsung?
Manage Caller Profile

Manage your Caller Profile and Data

Click the link below to request a change if your number is incorrectly labeled as spam. You can also use this form to update or remove your information from Hiya's services.

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