Hiya Launches the First-ever Personalized Call Protection Solution to Stop Spam and Fraud

New Personal AI solution provides the industry’s most advanced call protection solution for more than 100 million users in North America

SEATTLE – November 17, 2022 – Hiya, the leading voice security platform, today announced Personal AI, a powerful new capability for protecting users from being defrauded and annoyed by spam calls, is now live on the Hiya network. Personal AI augments Hiya Protect to be nearly twice as effective as other call protection solutions against the constantly-evolving tactics used by phone spam and fraudsters.

According to Hiya’s latest data, spam and fraud calls have increased 30% since the beginning of the year with some people receiving as many as 15 unwanted calls per day – making  it increasingly difficult for subscribers to identify and answer the calls they actually want to receive. Most global mobile carriers have not implemented call protection services to address the problem, but now with a personalized solution, they can without the risk of stopping wanted calls from connecting too. 

Hiya’s Personal AI system attacks this problem by understanding what makes a call wanted in the first place. Using data about how call recipients have interacted with callers, including answer rate, known contacts, talk time, time of call, and more, Hiya’s Personal AI can determine if a call is wanted or unwanted for a subscriber, in real time. Personal AI lets carriers be dramatically more aggressive against unwanted calls without stopping calls that subscribers actually want to receive.

Personal AI knows that a call from a single phone number can be spam for one person but an important call to another. For example:

  • An insurance company calling a customer about a claim they filed is a wanted call and should not be flagged or blocked.
  • An unsolicited call from the same insurance company to someone that is not a customer is far more likely to be considered spam by that person.

“We know that consumers judge calls differently based on a range of factors and circumstances, so a spam call for you might be a wanted call to me,” said Hiya CEO Alex Algard. “The magic of Personal AI is that what makes it good at spotting unwanted calls is also what enables it to deliver more calls that are genuinely wanted by recipients – and it’s constantly getting better over time.”

Hiya Protect, which powers Samsung Smart Call, the Hiya app, and more, is now available with Personal AI and fully configurable to allow carriers to determine key settings such as the sensitivity of illegal call detection, which data sources to use in identifying calls, and how to label calls for consumers – with no added lag to call delivery. Hiya Protect serves more than 200 million active users in over 60 countries, representing more than half a billion phone calls daily.

About Hiya

Hiya is trusted by global businesses, carriers, and consumers to provide secure, engaging connections and stop unwanted calls. Built on the world’s leading Voice Security Platform, Hiya connects businesses with their customers, helps carriers secure their networks, and protects people from spam and fraud calls. Hiya’s SaaS applications, Hiya Connect and Hiya Protect, serve more than 200 million users on the Hiya Network, power services like AT&T ActiveArmorSM and Samsung Smart Call, and deliver voice performance insights to businesses across the globe. Learn more at www.hiya.com


November 17, 2022



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