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Unmatched global call event data set is trusted, accurate and always up to date for maximum reach & quality connections

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400M+ users

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Intelligently parsing data with machine-learning models delivers real-time and accurate reputation status

Unique fraud detection considers metrics related to reputation, behavior, and persona, including:

User reports
Time of day
Call spoofing detection
Call flow

Like you, every call is unique and can never be predicted. Ensure you are a trusted caller with models that analyze every single call. Models include:

Domestic origin
Neighbor call

Go beyond a static caller registry with 22+ reputation metrics, including:

Level 1 - static list of phone numbers
Level 2 - registered identity
Level 3 - includes historical call patterns, recipient pickups
Level 4 - includes STIR/SHAKEN status, time of day
Level 5 - includes real-time analysis, warnings, and feedback, with global reach

We deliver voice performance insights powered by data-driven science that move the business forward and deliver trusted customer connections

Answer rate
Call duration analysis
Call attempt analysis
User reports
Fraud calls auto blocked
Custom data and models

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Non-intrusive integrations that won't slow you down. Leverage partnerships with AT&T, Samsung, and many more across the globe.

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