T-Mobile NameID FAQ

What is T-Mobile Name ID?

T-Mobile Name ID is an application that shows you the names and phone numbers of your callers, even if they’re not in your address book. T-Mobile Name ID also helps you add those identified names to your contacts, identify and block telemarketers and robocallers, block unwanted calls and texts, and search phone numbers.

How much does T-Mobile Name ID cost?

T-Mobile Name ID begins with a free, no-obligation thirty (30) day trial. After the trial, you can choose to subscribe for $3.99 per month, which is billed directly to your wireless account.

How do I manage my subscription?
I have T-Mobile Name ID on my new phone and would like to try it, but it tells me that 'the Name ID service is not available on your account.' What gives?

Unfortunately, you cannot try Name ID unless you are the primary user on the account or the primary account holder has added T-Mobile Name ID to your line. Please have the primary account holder contact T-Mobile customer support to enable T-Mobile Name ID for your phone.

Does T-Mobile use Name ID to send my name or other personal information to other users?

Absolutely not. Any information shown about you within the application is collected from publicly available sources. T-Mobile Name ID does not transmit any personally identifiable information about you.

What kinds of numbers can T-Mobile Name ID identify?

T-Mobile Name ID will attempt to look up names for incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

Does T-Mobile Name ID work with international numbers?

Currently T-Mobile Name ID works with US numbers only.

How can I clear the 'Recent' log in T-Mobile Name ID?

The T-Mobile Name ID “Recent” log displays the same data as your phone’s Dialer and Messages. Therefore, to clear the “Recents” log, you must also clear the call log on your phone’s Dialer and the text log in your phone’s Messages. If the “Recent” log is still not cleared after clearing your phone’s call and text log, restart your phone.

How does T-Mobile Name ID protect me from unwanted callers or potentially dangerous calls, like phone scams?

T-Mobile Name ID analyzes the phone number of all incoming and outgoing calls and compares it against our database of known spam, scam, or fraud callers. If there is a match, T-Mobile Name ID will warn you by showing a special notification during the incoming call.

What if I get a call that is spam, but T-Mobile Name ID did not identify?

You can always report any nuisance caller and help us improve our data.

How do I block unwanted callers?

To block an unwanted caller:

How do I unblock a caller/remove someone from my Blocked list?

To unblock a caller:

T-Mobile Name ID tells me that it blocked a text? Can I see the text?

Blocked texts are discarded immediately and cannot be seen or retrieved.

Can I block just calls or just texts?

Unfortunately no. Blocking a caller blocks both calls and texts.

How do I turn on or off notifications?

T-Mobile Name ID provides notifications for newly identified callers as well as blocked calls and texts. To manage notifications: