Branded calling has expanded in Canada

Canada has one of the highest rates of fraud calls in North America. As a result, 89% of Canadian consumers believe that unidentified calls may be fraudulent. The good news is, Canadian businesses can now add their identity to more outbound calls to get them answered.

answer rate increase


call duration increase


increase in conversion

Stop being unknown number, start displaying your trusted brand name

Get more calls answered, faster

By displaying your business name on your outbound calls, customers aren’t guessing or playing phone tag.

Engage in more live conversations

Adding identity to your outbound calls gives your customers the choice to answer the phone and have a conversation — leading to higher quality calls.

Create better customer experiences

Give your customers confidence to answer the phone by letting them know you’re calling to respond to their inquiry or provide proactive support, giving them a customer experience that keeps them loyal.

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Hundreds of companies are branding their calls in Canada:

"Hiya is a MUST HAVE for all businesses."

Canadian voice providers are adding technology to identify and warn consumers about suspicious calls.

These warnings use data patterns and direct user feedback to detect high-risk calls.

Learn about calling reputation and best practices
Global Call Threat Report Q1 2023

Register your business to join the fight against phone fraud

Stand against scammers
By registering your business, you make it easier for carriers to identify deceptive callers who try to avoid detection.

Stop more unwanted calls from reaching your customers
Your business registration helps power the consumer protections that carriers are putting into place — which make it easier for consumers to identify important calls.

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