Hiya Rules of Engagement

To provide a structured approach to pursuing sales opportunities, Hiya has developed a Rules of Engagement policy, set forth below.

Deal Registration:

Hiya channel partners are required to register all opportunities through the Hiya Partner Portal (www.partners.hiya.com). Channel partners must provide accurate information in all required fields on the registration form. Hiya will review the completed registration form and provide next steps to the channel partner contact within 3 business days. Hiya will not accept deals from a channel partner that are being pursued directly by Hiya sales representative or are already registered by another channel partner.


Channel partners will provide introductions and facilitate meetings with the appropriate individuals at potential customers in conjunction with Hiya’s sales representatives. Channel partners must demonstrate account influence with the potential customer and participate throughout the initial sales process. If a channel partner cannot demonstrate deal advancement for a period of 90 days from the date of registration acceptance, Hiya may revoke the deal registration by emailing the channel partner with a revocation notice. Channel partners may submit a new registration for a potential customer whose registration has been revoked if the channel partner can demonstrate that it has new deal sponsors for or momentum within the customer.