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How it works

See how Hiya Connect can improve your voice performance.

State of the Call for

Customer Support

Hiya Product Overview

Engage with customers. Build trust. And get more calls answered.

More consumers prefer to be contacted by their financial service providers by phone than any other channel.

About Hiya Connect

Branded Call

Show your identity

Be instantly recognized with your company name and location displayed on your calls
Elevate your brand by featuring your company logo
Get personal and include an informative reason for your call

Secure Call

Protect your identity

Prevent imposters from spoofing your phone numbers
Authenticate calls with a fraud filter that strips identity or terminates unverified calls before they can be completed
Protect your business and your customers from the disastrous effects of impersonators

Voice Analytics & Insights

Make informed business decisions

Access the Hiya Connect Console with self-serve executive dashboards chock full of industry-standard KPIs, like answer rates, call attempts, and call durations
Review analytics updated daily with data trending over time for timely comparisons and analyses
Get insight into actionable steps to improve call performance

Frequently asked questions

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Do call recipients need to download software or opt-in for Hiya Connect to be effective?
How long does it take to set up Hiya Connect?
What reach does Hiya have for Branded Call?