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"Hiya helps us increase answer rates, save time and added costs, and allows us to deliver a quality service experience."
Federica Galli, Italy Operations Manager


Just Eat is a leading global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery operating in 13 countries and includes US-based GrubHub.

When it comes to food delivery, every second counts. Speed of service is critical and customer expectations must be met in order to stay ahead of the competition. So Just Eat relies on the voice channel to resolve issues swiftly, including changes to orders and delivery status as well as delivery location clarification.



Two years ago, in response to GDPR regulations, Just Eat Italy began masking phone numbers and answer rates plummeted.

This meant that when a restaurant wanted to provide an update that an order was running late, the call would come from Just Eat’s bank of phone numbers and appear to be coming from their local headquarters in Milan. Answer rates tumbled for restaurant orders outside of Milan where customers would never expect their neighborhood restaurant to be calling from a different city. For Just Eat, this became a larger problem. When restaurants need to contact their customers and can’t, they call the Just Eat contact center. This increased the volume of inbound calls for Just Eat, flooding their network and increasing costs. It was also causing harm to Just Eat’s relationship with their restaurant partners adding to their costs as well. When a driver fails to connect with a customer due to repeated missed calls, orders are returned and food is wasted.



Just Eat added Hiya Connect Branded Call to their outbound calls, adding the Just Eat name, logo, and a short order update message.

Within the first few months with Hiya, Just Eat saw answer rates jump 9% from 75.2% to 83.6%. Now, 86.7% of calls are answered on the first attempt. Today nearly 92% of customers can be reached to resolve order issues. For Just Eat, even single-digit increases have made a considerable impact on customer satisfaction with the speed and experience of their service. Additionally, restaurants can complete more orders per day, minimizing the frustration and time of their drivers to connect with customers. This also means a reduction in the number of orders returned and food loss. For Just Eat, Hiya has been a win for them, a win for their restaurant partners, and a win for their customers.


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